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Mr. Paul Toal is accepting students as well as new conflict resolution cases.

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Mr. Paul Toal, Guidance Counsellor and Associate Practitioner in Mediation and Conflict ResolutionEducated by the University of Limerick and professionally trained and certified as a Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Paul Toal fully understands and works daily in the educational system in Ireland, successfully and masterfully handling the various professional problems and difficulties that arise. Having a broad range of experience of careers work, Mr. Paul Toal is well versed in dealing with schools and colleges in the Republic.

Even more importantly, Mr. Toal's emphasis is on acting as a *catalyst* for students' own research rather than as merely a source of information.

He is readily available for followup care, family visits, and 3rd-Level seminars when required.

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Overview of Counselling Services

Mr. Paul Toal provides guidance and assistance to people in a wide range of situations. Perhaps you know someone who needs to:

  • Select subjects at the secondary level.
  • Prepare for Junior / Leaving Certificates.
  • Find appropriate Grinds.
  • Navigate through the 600 courses available on CAO.
  • Complete and submit the CAO / UCAS Applications.
  • Choose an appropriate range of courses at 3rd level.
  • Decide on how to go about planning the future: selecting a realistic job, occupation, or profession.
  • Decide on how to pursue a general or specific type of education or training course in Ireland, the UK, the USA, or elsewhere abroad.
  • Plan personal, professional and career development in Ireland and Overseas.
  • Write an impressive CV / Resume.
  • Improve interviewing skills.
  • Book a Mock Interview.
  • Advance career or job opportunities with their present employer or another.
  • Change careers.
  • Re-enter the workforce.
  • Discover what your natural aptitudes, personality preferences, and interests are.
  • Increase self esteem, confidence, assertiveness.
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Upon request, Mr. Paul Toal can administer nationally-recognized career evaluations and provide reports. The reports are matched with The Dictionary of Occupational Titles and several other National Job Placement manuals. With this professional assessment, one can have the confidence that he/she has been guided toward a course of study or a job that will be best suited to his/her individual qualities.

Assessments for All Ages in All Markets

Mr. Paul Toal assesses occupational preferences for ages fourteen through adult. Both professionally and vocationally oriented individuals are guided toward the appropriate activities, clubs, hobbies, and/or curriculum that will enhance skills and provide experience where necessary. Job functions and responsibilities are also detailed. Such information can eliminate the possibility of the "Dream Job" becoming a nightmare.

In addition, information is provided on the education and experience requirements. There is a report on what type of personality characteristics are best suited for specific jobs.

The expected salary range is discussed and the anticipated future demands for specific occupations are researched. You'll get information to make informed decisions and professional career coaching.


Option 1: General Career Consultation

(Duration: 1 hour)

The individual who is interested in this particular option is encouraged and assisted to discuss his or her career, professional, educational or personality difficulty, problem or query in detail.

Mr. Paul Toal, as a certified Career Guidance Counsellor, will outline to the individual the best course of action for dealing with the particular difficulty, problem or query — taking into consideration a wide range of factors viz Personal Data provided by the individual, Job Opportunities, Education and Training facilities, the Individual’s personal circumstances and so on.

The advice and direction given may enable the individual to address the problem himself or herself. Or, the individual may decide to consider undertaking the full Career Guidance Programme outlined below.


Option 2: Career Guidance Programme

(Duration: 5 hours, which is broken into 2 separate sessions occurring on separate days, one testing session lasting 4 hours and one private session lasting 1 hour)

This option is exceptional value for money. It incorporates the professional administration of Occupational and Vocational Inventories, a Battery of Aptitude Tests, an Interest Inventory, a Personality Type Profile, and a Multiple Intelligence Test.

Testing Sessions are offered and supervised bi-monthly in 4-hour testing blocks at pre-arranged venues for either private clients or groups. Refer to the table below for current testing dates and venues. Upon request, alternative dates can be arranged if sufficient interest is present, contingent upon availability.

Within 3 to 4 weeks after completing the tests (dependant upon the size of the group tested), each candidate meets privately with Mr. Paul Toal for a Career Guidance Discussion and personal review of their Detailed Report, complete with Graphical Presentation of Scores.

Occupational and Vocational Inventories...   The Occupational and Vocational Inventories help people to identify general occupational areas and specific jobs, occupations and professions within them for which they have a significant level of interest, either realized or unrealized. Where relevant, the results of these tests are then compared with a Leaving Certificate Selection Chart as well as a School Subject Availability Chart.

Aptitude Tests...   There are six separate Aptitude Tests which enable people to discover what general aptitudes they possess and the specific jobs, occupations and professions for which these aptitudes are a requirement.Individualised, Detailed Report of Aptitude Scores, Personality & Learning Profiles & Careers Assessment with Recommendations from a Qualified Guidance Counsellor

Personality Type Profile...   The Personality Type Profile enables people to identify their own type of personality and — with interpretation — the jobs, professions and occupations for which such personalities are best suited.

Multiple Intelligence Test...   Intelligence comes in many forms. Although the Standard IQ Test is the most common means of measuring ability, it is limited in what it reveals. The IQ Test ignores other relevant intelligence strengths. The Multiple Intelligence Test uncovers eight key intelligences. Accompanied by skilled interpretation, knowing one's scores in these key intelligences provides valuable insight into the most personally effective learning and study methods, the most suitable work environments, and the most potentially satisfying jobs, professions and occupations.

Reports...   Within 3 to 4 weeks (dependant upon the size of the group tested), our certified Career Guidance Counsellor presents a comprehensive report detailing those jobs, courses, occupations, professions in which the individual will experience the highest level of success and satisfaction based on his or her Occupational and Vocational Interests, Aptitudes, Personality Type Profile, Multiple Intelligence Scores, and other relevant factors. The report then outlines strategies for effectively pursuing such jobs, courses, occupations and professions.

Within these same 3 to 4 weeks, the client meets privately with Mr. Paul Toal to review the report and its results.

Career Guidance...   Within 3 to 4 weeks all data provided by the various tests and questionnaires are explained to and discussed with the Client in private. They are correlated to the Client’s personal circumstances; to educational and training facilities available to the Client; to employment opportunities at home and abroad; and to economic conditions in general. The client then takes their printed test results and reports with them, leaving a copy with Mr. Toal for on-going mentorship as required by the client.

Testing Venues and Dates... Click here to Schedule an Appointment








5 PM
8:00 to 8:30 am 9:00 am
(until 1:30 pm)
The Depot
Community Centre
Co. Sligo


8:00 to 8:30 am 9:00 am
(until 1:30 pm)

The Depot
Community Centre
Co. Sligo



8:00 to 8:30 am 9:00 am
(until 1:30 pm)

Town Centre
Co. Longford


8:00 to 8:30 am 9:00 am
(until 1:30 pm)

The Depot
Community Centre
Co. Sligo



Option 3: CV Preparation

(Duration: dependent upon client)

Our writing expert reviews with the Client any previous Curriculum Vitae, the Client’s background, education, experience, interests, personality, and aspirations.

The Client is encouraged to discuss openly and honestly about the Type of Job, Occupations, Courses, Professions, Organisations, and Employers of interest. Our writing expert reviews relevant General Curricula Vitae, Specific Curricula Vitae, and strategies for writing effective Covering Letters with the Client.

Our writing expert then writes, types and presents to the Client an effective, persuasive CV—--with Synopsis where relevant—--and customised Covering Letter.

This option includes three “originals” of both Curriculum Vitae, Synopsis and Covering Letter for the Client.

Career Evaluation Report

Supplement to your C.V....   Whether you are seeking entry-level employment or if you're a seasoned professional, you will benefit from the job-matching power of a Career Evaluation. The evaluation increases confidence about career direction and reveals new horizons, describing how an individual matches job requirements. It makes a winning addition to your interviewing portfolio. It effectively reinforces qualifications on a resume. The employer sees required skills substantiated.

Personality Profile

Personal Profiles assess communication styles, behavioral tendencies and personality traits. Individuals become improved team players, deal with stress better and recognize steps to achieve their best.


Overview of Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Mr. Paul Toal provides assistance in resolving an existing conflict or pending dispute in situations such as:

  • parents and teenagers
  • conflict between young people
  • workplace bullying
  • employees in dispute
  • employer / employee conflicts
  • landlord / tenant conflict
  • inter-group conflict
  • internal-group conflict

Remember: mediation is impartial, independent, and confidentiality is paramount. Discussions are held in private. Contents of agreement are private.


What will happen if you phone for the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services?

  • I will hear both sides individually.

  • Parties will agree to enter the Mediation Process.
The Mediation Process consists of six (6) steps:
  1. Initial visits to both parties.
  2. Ground Rules agreed (list of Ground Rules).
  3. Stories are told.
  4. Issues are identified.
  5. Solutions are bargained.
  6. Agreement is written and signed.


What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is... a systematic response to wrongdoing that emphasizes healing the wounds of victims, offenders and communities caused or revealed by the criminal behaviour.

Practices and programs reflecting restorative purposes will respond to crime by: (a) identifying and taking steps to repair harm, (b) involving all stakeholders, and (c) transforming the traditional relationship between communities and their governments in responding to crime.

In short, restorative justice is a process through which remorseful offenders accept responsibility for their misconduct to those injured and to the community that, in response, allows the reintegration of the offender into the community.

The emphasis is on restoration:

  • restoration of the offender in terms of his or her self-respect;

  • restoration of the relationship between offender and victims;

  • restoration of both offenders and victims within the community.

What are Mr. Toal's Credentials?

With a Post-Graduate Diploma as a Guidance Counsellor and over 18 years combined professional industrial experience in Ireland, the UK, and abroad, Mr. Paul Toal provides seasoned human wisdom, insight and gentle guidance along with hi-tech, innovatively designed and computer-generated careers testing results.

Well-respected in the community and in educational circles, Mr. Paul Toal is a gifted and experienced teacher, counsellor, facilitator, leader, and mediator.

Mr. Toal's Qualifications:
Mediators Institute Ireland
Mediators Institute Ireland
Associate Practitioner in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.
Teacher's Union of Ireland
Teacher's Union of Ireland
Training in Bereavement Counselling.
Emblem for Institute of Guidance Counsellors, ROI
Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Republic of Ireland
Active Professional Full Member.
Emblem for University of Limerick, ROI
University of Limerick, Ireland
Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance Counselling, 2001.
First Class Honours,
3-Year Post Graduate Diploma.
Emblem for Northumbria University , Newcastle upon Tyne
Northumbria University, England
B.A. Design and Technology with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), 1996.
2:1 (Honours), 2-Year Degree.
Emblem for Leeds Metropolitan University, England
Leeds Metropolitan University, England
B.Sc. Building and Construction, 1985.
4-Year Degree.


What's Important to Us...

Utilizing existing resources effectively to produce the most worthwhile positive people results... with these values in mind...

  • Positive Relationships

  • Honesty and Fairness

  • Trust & Sincerity

  • Discernment

  • Hard & Innovative Work

  • Efficiency

  • Long Term Thinking

  • Loyalty

  • Providing students and their parents, employers and their employees with effective methods, services & ideas which benefit them.

  • Respect & Consideration for All Life and God

  • Facilitating the growth & achievement of people

  • Helping those who have less to achieve their potential too

  • What works BEST, not what everyone else does

  • Rewarding and Satisfying Outcomes


Guidance & Career Consultation Fee Schedule

These fees include follow-up care, personal mentorship, and membership in the Young Adventures Club.

There is a discount factored into the fee structure when individuals arrange to sit the career testing sessions with others as part of a group. Naturally, all test results and reports are confidential and are discussed with each individual in private consultations.

Now accepting students for private consultations.

Our contact telephone is : (071) 964 - 8355.

Contact Mr. Paul Toal

SEND US YOUR INQUIRY :  info@GuidanceCounselling.com

Option 2 is made up of
Three Separate Parts Spread Over Two Sessions


Hourly Rate
Part 1:

Battery of
Materials, Test
and Scoring
(4+ hours)
Part 2:

Analysis of
Test Scores,
Application and
Compilation of
Written Report
Part 3:

& Explanation
of Test Results
(1+ hour)

Per Student
(for 6 hours)
incl. Written
(50+ pgs)
1 student 90 Euros 200 Euros   250 Euros   100 Euros
550 Euros
Private Student


2 students
(27% discount)

100 Euros
Each Student
  200 Euros
Each Student
    100 Euros
Each Student

400 Euros
Each Student


3-5 students
(36% discount)

50 Euros
Each Student
  200 Euros
Each Student
    100 Euros
Each Student

350 Euros
Each Student


6-10 students
(45% discount)

40 Euros
Each Student
  180 Euros
Each Student
    80 Euros
Each Student

300 Euros
Each Student


(53% discount)

30 Euros
Each Student
  150 Euros
Each Student
    80 Euros
Each Student

HALF Price:
260 Euros

Each Student



Conflict Resolution and Mediation Fees

The Initial General and Preparatory Consultations are €90 per hour.

Once both parties have agreed to enter the Mediation Process, Mr. Paul Toal requests that the parties share:

  • the cost of the hourly MEDIATION rate which is €125; and...

  • the travel expenses and long distance telephone charges, if any.

Naturally, how these fees are paid is ultimately a decision taken by the parties involved. Sharing the expenses is only a recommendation based on the motivation it inspires.

Mr. Paul Toal is now accepting new mediation cases.

Our contact telephone is : (071) 964 - 8355.



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