M. Ruth Navon Toal
M. Ruth Navon Toal
M. Ruth Navon Toal
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I am interested in an on-going series of assignments that I take on inside one company, preferably Internet-centric OR, web design, computer implementation, or software training projects to which I could contribute value.

My keenest interest lies in promoting image-based commerce embedded / integrated into a contextual experience on the Internet, not pure 'shopping'. My goal is to use my skills toward promoting this type of e-commerce. Why? Because buying at point of interest is the most effective.

Professional Qualifications
  • A highly valued employee engrossed in the Hi-Tech / Computer software industry since 1988.
  • Website Designer, HTML and Content Developer (1.75 years).
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst with ability to test, analyze, and troubleshoot software (4 years).
  • Software Trainer / Training Analyst / Implementation Specialist with vast experience teaching, applying, supporting and troubleshooting computer applications with and for users, on-site or at home office (6 years).
  • Experienced and effective Recruiter and Field Sales Agent with a 70% closing ratio (3+ years).
  • B.A. in Economics and International Commerce (Honours) -- Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI, USA.
Professional Abilities
  • Highly experienced in implementing advanced computer skills, in the office and at customer sites.
  • Experienced in Quality Assurance (QA) analysis in the development environment and at customer sites.
  • Out-standing ability at in-depth analysis of computer projects, as well as in scrutiny of output.
  • Well-known for precision in targeting goals, recognizing interim steps, and accomplishing objectives.
  • Strong team player while being a self-reliant and self-motivated worker.
  • Successful in the art of persuasion and building very strong customer and team relations.
  • Remarkable ability to inspire faith and confidence from colleagues and clients alike.
  • Successful small business owner for 5 years responsible for financial records, advertising, sales, and customer service.
Computer Skills
  • Testing: Active-X controls • Netscape Plugins • JavaScript • HTML Source Code
  • Comparing Browsers (all versions): Netscape • Internet Explorer • AOL • WebTV • NeoPlanet
  • Comparing & Manipulating Screen Capture Programs (all versions): on Windows and on the Mac
My Favorites: Operating Systems: Applications:
  • ssi
  • stylesheets (css)
  • frames
  • forms
  • image maps
  • animated gifs
  • image editors
  • HTML editors
  • Windows Commander
  • MS Office 2000 Premium
  • MS Publisher
  • Xara Webstyle
  • Maintaining Intranets on MS IIS Web Server

  • Win NT Server
  • Win NT Workstation
  • Win '95
  • Win '98
  • Windows 2000
  • Mac OS-8.6
  • Mac OS-9
  • Mac OS-X
  • MS Word (Hebrew & English)
  • Publisher
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Corel Draw
  • Fireworks
  • Homesite
  • Dreamweaver
  • 1st Page
  • Quark X-Press
  • Win' Commander
  • MS Outlook
  • Lotus Notes
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Project Mgr
  • Older Programs
  • Hebrew Typing

  • Solaris
  • Win NT
  • Win 2000
  • IIS-5
  • Linux (Apache)

Professional Work Experience
"Energy without expertise is of limited value."

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer,  Website Designer and Web Software Tester
March 1, 1999 - March 2001
Clever Content from Alchemedia
Offices in San Francisco, Texas and Israel
300 De Haro Street, Suite 334
San Francisco, CA 94103   USA
Alchemedia - San Francisco, Israel, Dallas

I am currently employed by an exceptional group of people at Alchemedia in Israel.   The name 'Alchemedia' comes from alchemy + media. Yes, as alchemy is the business of taking a base metal and turning it into gold, Alchemedia is helping its clients in the arena of image commercialization.

It is currently my job to test the innumerable aspects of our software---release after release---on the myriad of environments detailed below. One of our websites, CleverContent.com, is similar to a marriage broker between image creators and image customers. For more specifics, click here. Clever Content from Alchemedia primarily prevents image capture while mimicking the ordinary web-surfing experience.

We have a solution to a very large problem: image theft on the internet and the unprofitability of e-commerce. There are now more than 2.5 million CleverContent Viewers installed, people using our viewer today. There has been over 100 million CleverContent images served this year, translating into over 1.5 trillion bytes protected by CleverContent 24-hours every day.

CleverContent from Alchemedia protects images on the web from unauthorized use or abuse. Take Terraserver.com. Without our protection Aerial Images at Terraserver.com does not have a business model.

As a quality assurance engineer and in-house website developer I am kept quite busy:

  • Designing HTML pages, websites (as test cases) and department informational pages for company intranet.
  • Testing, and critically evaluating Active-X controls (IE) and Netscape plugins on the following platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000.
  • Using these Web Servers and technologies: IIS, NES, Apache, Akamai-zed Network Support.
  • On these Operating Systems: Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows 2000, Win NT, Mac OS-8.6, Mac OS-9, Mac OS-10.
  • Testing and evaluating our software's performance relative to:
    • a transparent surfing experience on all browsers
    • transparent on dynamic as well as static websites
    • URL cloaking
    • capture program cloaking
    • encryption
    • blacklisting
    • web server filtering & optimization & stability
    • patented PixSafeTM Technology

Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst and On-site Project Testing Administrator
June 2, 1996 - December 1998
HBOC Medical, Jerusalem, Israel
Pathways 2000, Smart Medical Record (SMR)
Development Leader: Gil Gonen
QA Manager: Joshua Weiss
(my Hebrew name: Miriam-Ruth Navon)
HBOC bought out Pegasus in Israel
HBOC Medical Ltd
HBOC Medical Ltd
  • Tested, and critically evaluated complex, computerized patient medical record software for defects.
  • Managed software program upgrade and implementation at U.S. pilot sites which included:
    • testing for data integrity
    • analytical evaluation of upgraded versions for functionality and performance
    • training of system administrators and medical personnel
    • accurate and thorough documentation of defects for reporting purposes
  • Evaluated design requirements & functional design documents; derived test plans from them.
  • Developed different styles of test plans for comprehensive testing.
  • Edited QA department summaries, articles and 'user information' publications.
  • Designed and produced a multitude of desktop publishing ancillary projects.

Medical Software Trainer
Computer Implementation Specialist in Client Software Support
July 1988 - November 1993
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
San Diego, California
McLean, Virginia (Washington, DC)
Medical Information Systems Dept.
Deployment, Training & Implementation Group
Senior Manager: Diana Bracey
Team Manager: Pamela Brannan
(my maiden name: Mary Frances Nolan)
Science Applications International Corp

Composite Health Care System (CHCS)
The world's largest clinical information system
  • Software Trainer for the Composite Health Care System (CHCS), specializing in radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy software.
  • Software Implementation Expert & Lead Trainer providing on-site user support.
  • Senior Trainer who trained SAIC trainers as well as U.S. Department of Defense trainers.
  • Training Analyst on medical facility survey teams.
  • Documentation Developer for the U.S. Department of Defense and for client users on-site.
  • Tester of new software, version upgrades, user examinations and teaching materials.
  • Received company award and $500 for outstanding accomplishments as an Implementation Specialist & Trainer.

Human Resources Sales Account Manager
Personnel Recruiter & Interviewer
May 1987 - July 1988
Personnel Agencies, Inc (PAI)
Bethesda, Maryland
Washington, DC  USA
Personnel Agencies, Inc
  • Prospected individual, corporate and retail accounts through telemarketing, meetings, & professional networking.
  • Managed the interviewing process: interviewed & screened applicants looking for professional employment.
  • Arbitrated between our clients---company department managers---and job applicants.
  • Negotiated job offers, salaries and benefits.
  • Introduced in-house interviewing workshops for candidates.
  • Mentored professional, experienced job-seekers as well as recent university graduates.
  • Earned numerous Recognition & Monetary Awards for Top Sales Performance.
"If you can engage people by expressing who you are,  
then they'll be excited to work with you."

"Knowledge is of two kinds.  We know a subject ourselves,  or
we know where we can find information on it."    ---SAMUEL JOHNSON
  • Certificate, Sept. 2000 -- Interactive Website Design 3-mos Course -- EDUCOM Jerusalem, Israel ( http://www.educom.co.il )
  • Certificate, 1997 -- QA in Software Testing Course (in Hebrew): Purpose & Methodology of Testing -- John Bryce Systems
  • Certificate, 1997 -- Establishing & Managing a Small Business Course (in Hebrew) -- Jerusalem College of Management
  • Certificate, 1996 -- Advanced Hebrew Language Course (in Hebrew) -- Beit HaNoar Center, Jerusalem
  • Certificate, 1995 -- Computer Software Applications 6-mos Course (in Hebrew) -- Jerusalem College of Management
  • Certificates, 1990-91 -- Computer Software Courses (Macintosh & PCs), Computer Training Center, VA
  • Certificate, 1989-90 -- Total Quality Management (TQM) Training, Science Applications International Corp, McLean, VA
  • Certificate, 1986 -- Travel Industry Training -- Southeastern Travel Academy, Orlando, FL
  • Certificate, 1984 -- Professional Sales Training -- Combined International Sales Training Institute, Chicago
  • B.A. in Economics and International Commerce (Honours) -- Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan USA
MY HOBBIES:  essential oils, aromatherapy, trees, refinishing furniture, studying Hebrew/Bible, horseback riding, ballet, thanking G-d through movement and dance.

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Me as Medical Computer Software Trainer & Implementation Specialist for SAIC, LaJolla, CA : CHCS Project.

M. Ruth Navon Toal.
ALTIQUIN,   Drumkeerin,   County Leitrim, Ireland
Telephone:  (071) 96 48 355       Email:  ruthtoal@eircom.net
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