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Corry Mountain Lotions is a family cottage industry tucked away on the Emerald Isle in the rural and rugged Irish Northwest. We strive to provide excellent and personal service, timely delivery and a select offering of unique and exceptional-quality products that do the job.

Wound Repair for Dogs & Horses
Boo-Boo Cream for
The Family
Cream/Ointment for
Your Complaint
Pure, non-synthetic and professional  grade Wound Repair Ointment that we use on our animals...A thick and therapeutic ointment in a 100ml squeezy bottle that you squirt directly into the wound. It inhibits infection and inflammation. It prevents itching while it cleanses and stimulates re-growth of torn flesh. It is full of wound healing agents. It will also treat skin disorders: rashes, eczema, scabies, and ringworm. Ingredients.

A cream blended for my children and for our family use. It's soothing, antiseptic, analgesic (pain relief), anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring. For application directly onto cuts, scratches, grazes, any broken skin, any boo-boo, any owie. It's proven to be very child-friendly & loved.

After a brief consultation on the phone, we may be able to prepare something for your condition. This would be a made-to-order blend, complete with instructions for use. Note: all calls are taped & traced. All pranks or crass calls will be passed to the authorities for further investigation. We take a stand against pollution. 
Varicose Veins
Treatment Lotion
Scar Reduction Cream Facial Restoration Cream
When applied consistently, this mixture decreases the symptoms of varicose veins and venous congestion by inhibiting inflammation, toning tissue and promoting enhanced blood supply to tissue. It has a blood activating action that has a restorative effect on the veins themselves. It's also useful for ailments ranging from haemorrhoids to phlebitis (inflamm. of vein walls). Being pregnant three times brought me face-to-face with scars. As a result, I created a cream that is both cicatrisant and cytophylactic, meaning... this cream will encourage skin cell regeneration for the treatment of burns, cuts, scars, and those awful stretch marks. It's great for baby-in-the-womb (in month four and onward of pregnancy). 

The effectiveness of plants has been very well-documented. Their complex chemical nature gives them active properties on the skin. This unique mixture revitalizes, replenishes and preserves the skin tissue, preventing wrinkles and reducing existing wrinkles. This blend regulates sebum production, is known for its balancing effect on the endocrine system, while it is healing, antiseptic and calming on the skin.

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