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"My wife, Ruth, a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, made a blend for me after my bitch 'Holly' --- International FTW Carraigairt Abba --- ripped open her undercarriage with a 4-inch-long gash while jumping FTCH Altiquin Egan and Paul Toal during an Irish Field Trial Competition...   over a barbed wire fence.

The vet could do nothing for her apart from telling me to keep the wound clean.

I used my wife's blend and was utterly amazed at how it healed the wound. After 7-days, only a small hole was left which my little finger could not penetrate.

A few weeks later, I used this lotion again on my trialing dog FTW Glenanne Abel who had opened up his pad. After 2-weeks of using this blend, I was able to compete at a trial with him.

This lotion is a remarkable, natural healing balm.
It's an absolute must for First Aid situations.

Mr. Paul Toal, Working Gundog Trainer, Handler, Field Trialer & Breeder. Field Trial Judge for the IKC. Assistant Secretary of the Irish Retriever Championship Committee. Breeder of ALTIQUIN DOGS : TEL : +353 (71) 96 48 355.

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